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Centerville Vehicle Wraps
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Centerville Vehicle Wraps


VISIBILITY SIGNS & GRAPHICS creates eye-catching, durable vehicle wraps, graphics, lettering, and decals to improve your Centerville business visibility and get your brand noticed!

custom box trailer wrapCustom wraps and graphics have a lower cost per impression than any other marketing method. Your marketing message is seen everywhere you and your staff travel, whether you are delivering goods, visiting clients in their home, or simply running errands or stuck in traffic.

As experts in the Art of Being Seen, our team knows how to get maximum visibility for your marketing message and brand. We are here to help you with all aspects of the car wrapping process, from design to installation, for any number or type of vehicles your business uses.

Call VISIBILITY SIGNS & GRAPHICS at (801) 923-5961 for a Free Consultation with a Vehicle Wrap Expert!

Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

Full car wraps aren’t the only option for adding an impactful marketing message to your vehicle. Vinyl graphics, vehicle magnets, or partial vehicle wraps are all options for the budget-conscious or minimalist business. We will assist you in determining the right choice for your vehicle and desired message.

Centerville Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

Partial Car Wraps

custom partial car wrap

Partial car wraps target a specific part of your car for promotion. You can pick any part of your vehicle for wrapping. Typically, side panels, doors, bumpers, hoods, tailgates, or a combination of those is targeted for maximum effect.

The partial car wrap will be applied to the entire panel, working with the natural lines of your car for a seamless finish. If you are marketing on a budget, this is a great solution that provides the finish of a full wrap without the cost.

Vinyl Graphics

custom truck graphics

Individual vinyl graphics are flexible enough to be used for business promotion or identification. Because car vinyl graphics are cut into the shape of the image that you want to put on your car, they won’t have a completely flush look like full or partial wraps.

However, this provides increased flexibility in the design, allowing for updating, moving and changes without impacting the other design elements. You’ll be able to add to your car or take away from the graphic as your business needs or marketing message changes.

Most often, a single logo image or minimal text is delivered through vinyl graphics or cut vinyl lettering.

Vehicle Magnets

custom vehicle magnet

If you’re looking for a removable option, or want to decide exactly when to represent your business, a branded vehicle magnet is a great choice. These can easily be swapped between different vehicles or different businesses to provide you with ultimate marketing flexibility.

Custom vehicle magnets are the easiest and fastest to produce option and are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and shapes.

Professional Wraps For All Vehicle Types

Custom Food Truck WrapVISIBILITY SIGNS & GRAPHICS creates all of the high-impact, high-visibility wraps and graphics your Centerville, UT business needs to get more attention for your brand!

From semi-trucks to lawnmowers, we create unique graphics for every vehicle, tool, or machine your business uses, turning it into a new opportunity to reach customers. Regardless of your budget, timeframe, or brand, we can recommend, design, manufacture, and install the right graphics for your needs.

Our wrap and graphic services include:

Our team will fabricate the right vehicle wraps and graphics for you, no matter what type of vehicle your business uses or how many. We can wrap vehicles of all sizes, shapes, and types, in addition to our indoor sign and outdoor sign options. We provide your business a consistent branding message everywhere your business can be seen.

Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

Custom Fleet Vehicle Wraps

If you have a fleet of vehicles that your business utilizes, attractive vehicle wraps and graphics can greatly improve your business visibility. Not only will you get visibility from all the other drivers on the road, your message is also seen by anyone walking, working, or shopping in and around the businesses you pass.

Full vehicle wraps also provide a layer of protection to your fleet vehicles, allowing you to not only promote your business, but protect your investment from roadwear and damage.

Improve Client Perception

Branded Work Truck WrapVinyl wraps don’t just publicize your business, they also increase customer confidence and perception as well. Reassure your clients that your representatives are affiliated with your organization with attractive branded fleet vehicles. Carpet cleaning teams, cable installers, exterminators, contractors and many other business types make house calls. With a vinyl wrap, clients feel confident that the person knocking on their door is who they say they are, and ultimately more comfortable allowing them in. This also means that your branded vehicle also markets your business to any passing motorists and to your client’s neighbors while you provide on-site assistance.

Every business can benefit from a branded vehicle wrap or vehicle graphic as they not only provide reassurance and advertisement while at a client’s home, but also while driving, and even while parked for lunch.

Promotional Car Wraps

custom car wrap

Our custom wraps attract attention and get publicity as you go about your day to day activities. Our wraps are designed to contain your personalized business information, making them a perfect long-term business solution and investment. Not only do our custom wraps stay beautiful in all weather conditions but they’re also designed to help protect your car using our ultra strong vinyl material.

Vehicle wrapping is also perfect for those who don’t necessarily have a retail location. If you have a mobile business, work from home, share an office space, or don’t have an office space at all, our car graphics and vehicle wraps will be able to spread the word and build your business name and brand.

If you need a complete transformation of your car, we can even include your windows for a seamless look. These are completely legal, allow you to see perfectly, and they provide privacy to those inside.

Custom Boat Wraps

custom boat and truck wrap

There are 3 great freshwater lakes near Centerville that attract not only tourists but also locals. This is also another great way to promote your business and brand. We offer marine-grade vinyl boat and trailer wraps that will withstand personal, corporate or charter usage.

These wraps are not only durable but won’t wear off in salt water, sand or freshwater. If you’re a marina offering boat rental service, this is an outstanding option for consistently sharing your message, while protecting your investment.

If you operate near the water, we can wrap your jeeps, trucks, trailers, food trucks, or any other vehicles in the same high-quality wrapping.

Your Designs, Perfected

custom tow truck wrapOur professional designers at VISIBILITY SIGNS & GRAPHICS are experts in wrap design. We understand not only your branding and marketing message, but how to best utilize those elements to complement the curves of your vehicle. Our designs are attractive, professional, and targeted to your specific needs and desires.

Looking to get the same design across multiple vehicles and types? We can utilize the same elements and customize the wrap to all of your different vehicles so it looks attractive and appropriate for any branding opportunity.

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

custom vehicle wrap installation

Our dedicated, experienced staff makes is there for you throughout the entire vehicle wrapping process. We start with a free consultation where we discuss your design ideas, the type of vehicle(s) you have, and your goal when it comes to promoting your business.

Once we understand your objectives, our designers will create “mockups” of your wraps so you can see how your vehicle will look once installed. At this point, you can make any changes that you wish, from basic text edits to where the design is placed on your car. This is your wrap, we want to ensure that you’re happy and excited display the finished product.

After you approve your wrap design, we will start fabricating the individual vinyl elements that will be used for your wrap or graphic, right here in our local wrap shop.

Once the wrap is completed, we have our expert installers apply the wrap to your vehicle. Our installation team will ensure that it looks exactly as you had imagined, and is perfectly aligned without any bubbles or ripples.

If you want to update, change, or remove your wrap, we can assist with this as well, including making repairs as needed.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Centerville Vehicle Wraps company logoRegardless of the coverage you desire or the size of your fleet, our custom wrap team is ready to help you promote your brand and build your business. At VISIBILITY SIGNS & GRAPHICS, we create high-quality wraps that complement your brand and fit your budget.

Call VISIBILITY SIGNS & GRAPHICS at (801) 923-5961 for your Free Consultation with a Vehicle Wrap Specialist!