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Woods Cross Outdoor Signs
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Woods Cross Outdoor Signs


VISIBILITY SIGNS & GRAPHICS is your one-stop sign shop for all of your outdoor signage needs, including outdoor banners, yard signs, storefront signs, and more!

custom outdoor signsWe specialize in the Art of Being Seen, providing you with powerful and impactful signs that get your brand noticed. Our outdoor signs are both functional and attractive, bringing more potential customers and clients to your location.

Outdoor signs are often the first impression your new customers will have of your business. We make it a positive one by fabricating high-quality signs that highlight your brand and tell your potential customers what you’re all about.

As a full-service Woods Cross outdoor sign provider, we not only help you understand what elements can best support your business goals, we have the tools and resources to create the attractive, functional signs and graphics you need.

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Storefront & Building Signs

custom storefront signageChoosing the right sign for your storefront to identify your brand and business can be a challenge. The type of business you have, your physical location, the type of clients you want to attract, and your building visibility will all play a role in defining the right type of signage for your business.

Since your storefront is the face of your business, it needs to be reflective of your brand’s personality and objectives. The perfect sign not only reflects the hard work you’ve put into your brand, but is eye-catching and attracts the right kind of clientele. We determine the right signs for your needs based on your goals, brand, timeframe, location, and budget.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

custom dimensional letter signChannel letters and dimensional letters are popular for many different business types. Extremely versatile, each letter or shape is individually created, allowing for complete customization.

Your message can be comprised of letters, numbers, symbols or images. Channel and dimensional lettering is frequently used to spell out the business name, slogan, and often includes a logo. We have a wide array of color, size, font, and style options, making this a smart choice for any type of business.

Lighted Signs

Woods Cross Outdoor Signs lighted channel letter cabinet sign backlit outdoor 300x225Sometimes you’re looking for that “little something extra” to make your business stand out.

Illuminate your business after dark with VISIBILITY SIGNS & GRAPHICS! We provide a complete selection of illuminated, lighted, and backlit signs including cabinets, channel letters, dimensional letters, message boards, digital signs, and more.

Our expert contractors provide complete, safe installation of all electrical elements, allowing you to feel confident that your sign will look perfect in any and all conditions.

These signs are used most often with businesses that are open after dark, such as theaters, restaurants, bars, comedy shops, nightclubs, gas stations, and convenience stores.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Custom Building Sign & Awning Sign

Canopy signs are a unique and attractive way to display your business name and brand while also offering protection to your visitors from the elements. Awning signs are typically made from canvas or metal, consisting of an overhang to the entrance, windows, or another outdoor area you wish to protect from the elements.

Many businesses utilize these to convey information printed directly onto the awning. They can display your name, logo, or other branding information. Canopy signs provide a boutique-like feeling and are popular among salons, specialty shops, galleries, hotels, jewelry stores and shopping centers that desire (or require) uniformity.

Monument Signs

Woods Cross Outdoor Signs custom monument dimensional outdoor 300x225

Our monument signs are entirely custom manufactured. These impressive elements are constructed of durable materials such as metal, stone, marble, or brick. Typically found at the entrance to a business or facility, monument signs are intended to be an expression of a quality of the business, such as their professionalism or longevity.

Large, permanent structures, they are typically etched or feature dimensional lettering displaying the business name, logo, and any other important information. These often include your address, and may have digital or wayfinding elements include to assist visitors with navigation.

You can often find this type of signage at entrances to manufacturing plants, churches, private clubs, resorts, corporate offices, schools, and universities.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

custom digital pole sign

Pole signs, pylon signs, and tenant signs tower over the businesses around them, allowing you to lift your message above the noise. Designed to attract customers from far away, these signs are commonly used near major interstates or roadways.

Pole signs reach a wide audience due to their large size, often towering over competing signage, giving you an advantage and increasing the chance that your sign will capture attention. Tenant signs are especially useful for indoor malls, business parks, and other locations that may not feature road frontage.

These signs are typically utilized by gas stations, fast food restaurants, shopping centers and other high traffic areas.

Promotional Signage

custom promotional bannerGet your brand and business noticed! We provide complete outdoor signage services, and every type of sign you could ever need!

VISIBILITY SIGNS & GRAPHICS has the tools, resources, and experience to create the perfect sign for you. In addition to our storefront signs, we offer a complete selection of outdoor signs, allowing you to maximize your brand exposure and capitalize on event promotion.

Our other exterior signs include:

Reach your marketing goals with impactful, durable, and attractive signage. In addition to our exterior signage, we also provide cohesive interior signs, vinyl signs, vehicle wraps, and custom signs designed to match or complement your outdoor elements.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Custom Sign InstallationVISIBILITY SIGNS & GRAPHICS offers a huge selection of outdoor signs for any business need. We work with you throughout the creation process, including design, production, and ultimately installation.

We know that not every business has a graphic designer working for them. Our graphic designers help you get the most out of your sign. We provide complete design services, including creating the right file type in the correct size for fast printing on our sign equipment. Our highly-skilled team of designers are experts in envisioning appropriate exterior signage for any business.

Our sign fabrication facility, located here in Woods Cross, UT, ensures that all sign elements are manufactured properly and match your approved proof, as well as sourcing any elements needed for installation. If the sign you chose requires permits, we will begin the process of obtaining the permits for you during this time as well.

Our staff of installation experts ensure that your sign is installed properly, securely fastened, and that our work area is as clean as when we arrived.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Woods Cross Outdoor Signs company logoThe Woods Cross outdoor signs and graphics you use to tell the world about your business need to be attractive, impactful, and brand focused to provide you with ultimate visibility. Make the right first impression with eye-catching, durable signs by VISIBILITY SIGNS & GRAPHICS!

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